Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cubing Crazy: An Explanation

A short while ago in math class, we received a challenge packet where we had to work through some questions as best as we could. After solving the problems individually and then discussing as a class, we got the task to choose one question and explain it in a video. Here is the question I chose:

Question: Jody noticed, that when you take three consecutive whole numbers, multiply them all together, and then add the middle number of the three, you get the middle number cubed. 

Can we prove or disprove this theory?

Here is the video to explain how to solve the problem and what the answer is:


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  2. Although I think that you could've rotated the video, I liked how you put little subtitles(?) to explain what's going on in the video. Your vocal explanation was easy to understand, too. Good job, Rosanne!

  3. I think that you did very well on your video. You had descriptions so that we could understand it better. You checked the theory using a strategy and that worked very well. I just think that you should switch the video around since its sideways, and that makes it hard to understand.

  4. Clear and concise descriptions that followed along with your math work - well done.