Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reflection Regarding First Quarter Learning Habits

Here is my self-evaluation on learning habits this semester:


Inclusive - 4

       Since school began two months ago, there are many students that came new to Graded. When they came, they didn't know that many people, so I was inclusive when I socialised with them. I'm really happy I did, because I've met some really awesome people who I now consider to be really good friends!

Perseverance/Risk-taker - 3

       Even though I do tend to be a risk-taker, I haven't really noticed myself be this a lot during this quarter. I've tried new activities and such, but not to a very large extent. However, I have shown perseverance this quarter, especially in math. When I started our unit, I had no idea what it was about and what steps I was to take to solve this problem. As a result, my unit test didn't go so well. Nevertheless, I learned from my mistakes, and in the reassessment, I improved a lot! I only improved by working harder and practicing the skills more. It was troubling at times, but I persevered, and now I understand what I'm doing and what I'm learning.

Curious - 3


       Even though I do like to query about things, I'm open to learning new ideas, and I participate in class, I don't always take my learning outside of the classroom. I could work on this by spending more time reading the news or practicing more skills from class.

Responsible - 4

       I think I deserve a 4 for this learning habit because I followed all the descriptors for this criteria. I arrive to class on time prepared and ready to learn, I consistently present my work to the the best of my abilities, I manage my time correctly, and I start working without prompting. Additionally, I think that leadership fits under this category, and I demonstrated this skill in group work projects, especially in Humanities class this quarter when we had a class discussion. 

Overall, I think I've done a good job this year when demonstrating learning habits. 

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