Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A Semester in Words

This semester during Humanities, we experienced and learned so many things. I enjoyed a lot of the activities and projects that we did, and can't wait for the next semester to come by so that I can take on new Humanities challenges!

Projects and Speaking Assignments
Some of the assignments we did this semester included a Macbeth Scene performance and a couple of speeches. My favourite was for sure the Macbeth Scene performance. My group and I debated very little about how the scene was to go, and we worked really well. Everyone put a lot of effort in the scene and it payed off, because it was great! I loved combining old english literature with acting and performing. From this assignment I learned how the different roles in theatre work. Light, sounds, directing, scene writing, acting. They're all different kinds of roles but by putting them together a magnificent work of art is created. The most challenging thing about this project though, was communicating. It wasn't that it lacked, it was that we were rarely together during the whole process. One partner travelled, the other partner and I had musical commitments that clashed with our Humanities class, and other classes we were busy with learning something else. Luckily, we were able to use our time wisely when we were together, and we achieved a lot.

My group and I performing the sleepwalking scene in Macbeth.

We wrote in a variety of different styles this semester. The one I learned the most from, is our DBQ academic paragraph. Here, Mr. Hillman had taught us the more mature way of writing academically. I wrote a paragraph about the Dark Ages in Europe. I think that the fact that we had learned new skills was why it was a bit challenging, as I had to change some of my writing techniques to be able to incorporate the new ones that I had learned. These included more clear and concise sentences and Though after feedback and editing, I was able to achieve a solid paragraph and I'm really proud of it!

My paragraph:
"Historians have said that time of cultural decline and decay existed for a long period of time in Europe, however the latter portion of the period was a marked by improvement. According to Textbook B, Europe’s economy made notable improvements from 1000 to 1300 A.D., as there were advancements in technology, which lead to an increase in food levels and population. Furthermore, in 1000-1300 A.D, students part of the church or not, were invited to deepen their academics at the newly founded universities, which introduced new systems of education. The continent was clearly prospering from the advancements in technology and enhancements in the education system, rather than suffering from a cultural decline and decay. Nevertheless, historians incorrectly marked these later improved conditions as part of the Dark Age."

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