Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Character Scenario

To answer the questions for our health homework, I chose scenario #4.

1) What are some potential physical signs that Cassia may be developing an eating disorder?  
Some potential physical changes could be that at first she seemed normal and healthy, however then her weight started dropping. 

2) What emotional/mental/behavioral signs that Cassia may be developing an eating disorder?
Some emotional/mental signs are that Cassia seemed depressed, and less social. She also said she feels lonely and she is unhappy with her physical appearance. Another factor is that she is stressed and worried for her transition to grade 9. 

Some behavioral signs that Cassie demonstrated, is that she could eat double or triple the food than her friends. Cassia frequently talks about how she dislikes parts of her body, and how she wishes they were different and that she were skinnier. Also, at the beach house, her friends noticed that she left for about 15 minutes after every meal, and that when she returned, there were remains of vomit in the toilet. 

3) What are some external (life changing) factors that may be influencing the risk of Cassia developing an eating disorder?
Cassia told her friends that her family is going through some tough changes. Her parents are divorcing and they might be moving away. She is also being bullied by her friends about her lack of athletic abilities and her choice of clothing. Cassia is also moving on to high-school, and that is stressing her out as well. 

4) What eating disorder do you think she may be developing?
I predict that Cassia has bulimia, since she is eating a lot, and then leaving for a few minutes, in which she is probably throwing up her food. 

5) What other signs of an eating disorder (not mentioned in the story) could you look out for?
Some other signs that we could look out for are swelling in the cheeks/jaw, and stained teeth. A person could be overexercising, or acting overly fearful of fat/weight gain. 

6) Now you finish the story! Write a 2-4 sentence ending about how Cassia can get help for her current situation. What advice does she need?
Cassia's mom hires a therapist to talk to Cassia, and after some discussions, Cassia feels better about her family situation. Following some advice her therapist gave her, Cassia decides to talk to her friends about the way their bullying is making her feel. Her friends didn't think that it had impacted her so much, and stop. Over the course of time, Cassia stops throwing up and gets a healthy weight, and she also feels a lot more confident and becomes happy with her body image. 

Here is the scenario:
Cassia’s friends are worried about her. She seems depressed and she doesn’t want to go to the mall, or hang out with them as much anymore. Linda one day talked to Cassia about her concerns. Cassia says her family is going through some tough changes. Her parents are divorcing and they may be moving countries. Linda has noticed, that when she has lunch with Cassia, Cassia seems to eat lots of food at lunch, or sometimes she can eat double or triple more food than the other around her are eating. Cassia seems to be of normal weight, although lately, she has been losing some weight and she often complains about how she wants to lose more weight. Sometimes Cassia talks a lot about how she doesn't like her thighs or stomach. Cassia will often tell her friends, that she wished she looked totally different.  
Last weekend, all of the girls went to stay at Cassia’s beach house for her birthday party. They had a fun time, but two of her friends noticed that after each meal over the two days, Cassia left the table and then would return 15 minutes later. Later, her mom found that the toilet had some remnants of vomit in it. When her mom asked Cassia, what was wrong, she just said, she might have eaten something bad at the birthday party and she just had an upset stomach. Her mother is very confused, she saw Cassia eating lots of food at the party and no one else had complained about any bad food.  When her mother tried to talk to her again, Cassia suddenly became angry and started to cry... she said she really felt lonely, that some of the friends at the birthday party, would sometimes make fun of her, especially about the way she dresses and because she isn't as athletic as they are.  Sometimes, some of these friends will embarrass her in front of other people. Cassia tells her mother that she sometimes feels very lonely and that she hates the way she looks. Cassia also tells her that she is really worried and stressed about going from Grade 8 until Grade 9. Cassia's mother is very worried about all of this.

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