Friday, February 26, 2016

Teen Changes Reflection

What do you think are the most intense emotional, social, or physical challenges for Grade 8 teens? Explain why.
I think that one of the most intense emotional/social changes for my age group right now, is the pressure that intensifies. There are many different types of pressure, and I think that the following three are the most intense in Grade 8 or higher. 

1. The pressure to do well in school is increasing a lot, because we all are getting to that point where our futures are starting to matter just a tiny bit more. 

2. The pressure to look or act a certain way is growing, because kids our age are more open to social media and other factors that could influence their opinions about things. 

3. Peer pressure is also occurring a little more; if our friends our in a relationship, it would be cooler for us to be in a relationship as well. 

How can we deal with this type of pressure or expectations?
I think that one of the ways to deel with pressure, is to make sure you're balanced in your time, so that I have enough time to do homework and study. Also, I think it's important to be able to say "no", because if you don't want to do something, you shouldn't be forced to do it. Lastly, I think that it's important to tell yourself that you are beautiful the way you are, and that you don't need to fall for the pressure to be a certain way, because the world wouldn't be interesting if everybody was the exact same. 

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