Friday, March 04, 2016

Reflecting on the Russian Revolution

How do you learn history, economics, politics, and geography (social studies) best? Did this unit provide those methods? Some examples: read textbooks, read primary documents, answer questions, discuss, debate, complete hands-on activities, participate in simulations, create dramatic performances, watch videos, listen to stories, create or analyse art . . .

After this unit, I've learned a lot more about how I learn and how I understand material. One of the things I've seen is that by reading modern documents that contain an in-depth explanation about the topic, I'll be able to make clear sense of the topic. Also, I prefer to have everything in one document. Having multiple pieces of paper and a variety of sources is good, however I see that I work better if it's all organised and easy to access/find. Another thing I've noticed about myself is that I like to learn through simulations or through performances. When I act, my mind transforms into the person or the character, and I can see and understand the process or event from their point of view. When we were doing the power simulation, I felt a little annoyed and competitive when my power is decreasing or increasing. After the simulation, I understood more how the process had worked and I could see the power of the actions of the competing leaders at the time.

What important lessons or ideas will you remember from this unit, and could those lessons/ideas help you in the future?
An important lesson that I learned in this unit, is that nobody believes in the same values as I do. Ideas can be similar, but in the end, everybody thinks and acts differently. From that, I learned that I have to always be open-minded to different ideas and I have to be prepared that people are going to disagree with me and have a valid reason to. This lesson is very important for in the future, as in the world there are so many more cultures and religions and ethnicities that all have different values and norms.

Who decided what you will remember from this unit? How did you decide what was important?
I decide what I will remember from this unit, even if other people want me to remember specific aspect of the unit, I will be the one that is going to remember. I'm most likely going to remember the main ideas of the forms of an economy, as I predict that I'm going to be talking about economies in the near future, and I'm going to remember the big actions that the Russian leaders took, as I can learn from them and I also feel like their choices dictated how the Russian Revolution went.
An example of your choice of HIPP (new or from our unit), or an application you could use it for outside of this unit.

A political cartoon and your application of analysis, or your thoughts about analysing political cartoons, or a reason why political cartoons are used.

Why do we continue to use DBQ in our course, or a critique of DBQ, or how does DBQ work for you as a learner?
The DBQ paragraphs have helped improve my writing a lot, and over the course of the school year, it is also become very noticeable. Before Mr. Hillman introduced this form of academic writing, I wrote really long, repetitive paragraphs and I had trouble writing in clear and concise sentences. The DBQ format has helped me to structure my writing and it has helped me to stay on topic and make sure that everything all fits together.
A picture, emoji, drawing, or symbol that sums up for you an important element of this unit, with a caption explaining your choice.

I think that this image of a plant growing shows the evolution and progress of things. Evolution was seen when Lenin and Stalin rose to power; how they evolved as leaders. The Russian Revolution itself was an evolution of a country, as it became another step closer to the country it was in the 1990s. I also think that for me personally this plant growing demonstrates my learning, as my knowledge of economics and politics in real life increased immensely. I used to be very confused about these complicated subjects, but completing this unit, I can honestly say that I understand this a lot more, and I also have an in-depth understanding, not just basics. 

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  1. Rosanne, I have noticed the improvement in your writing this year as well..I have also noticed that as you have improved in saying what you really want to say, you need or ask for my feedback are more independent. Your attitude toward learning is always spot on and I love listening to you processing things with your partner or small group. I have no doubt that you have learned things that you will remember and use! Thanks for such a detailed and complete reflection helps me know you better as a student and motivates me to find good concise and clear background readings too... If they will help you, they will help others too..I appreciate the suggestion