Saturday, October 29, 2016

Update #3: Queen Elizabeth and CEA's

What did you learn by examining the work of your peers?
I noticed that many of the mistakes the students were making, I was making as well. For example, less is more. I have a tendency to write a lot, as I'm never sure if what I write is clear or enough to get my message across. One of the paragraphs we looked at had the same problem. They wrote a lot, and as a reader, it was unclear and too confusing. So, I learnt that I should pay attention to this, and think about what I'm going to write before I do it, so that I can form clear and concise sentences. 

Has your thinking changed regarding how to write a CEA?
I've realized that CEA's aren't just three parts. There are many different components to writing a good paragraph, and to step up my game, I need to incorporate those parts (transitions, clarity, conciseness) in an effective manner. 

What adjustments can you/will you make to your own work?
I will definitely think before I write, and when I write, I'm going to take my time to be able to create a strong piece. Patience and thinking will lead to precision, clarity and conciseness, which will lead to a good CEA paragraph. I'm going to be keeping the different components in mind, so that I can make my work to the best that it could be. 

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