Wednesday, November 30, 2016

OPVL Reflection #2


From hearing others work, what do you feel you are doing well?
Something I feel that I am doing well, is being clear and concise when writing my sentences. I am noticing that I am sticking to what I am trying to say, and delivering it clearly. 

How could you improve your OPVL?
I could improve my OPVL by checking to see if my claims and reasoning are correct and strong. Before revising, what I had written might have been clear, but it was very weak and not supported well. 

How are you feeling about your OPVL skills? What questions do you need answered?
Overall, I'm feeling so-so. I think I got the writing ok and I understand the format well, but I now need to pay closer attention the source and I need to analyse it to the best of my abilities. I also need to pay attention to which reasons are in relation to the origin and which are in relation to the purpose. I confused those before, and that's something I might need to clarify for myself over the course of this week and next week. 

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