Friday, February 24, 2017

Research Project Relfection

1. Over the course of this project, in what aspects do you feel that you excelled?
An aspect that I feel I excelled in, was managing my time. I used my time in an outside of class well which prevented me from having to stress about meeting deadlines. 

2. Over the course of this project, in what aspects did you not do well with?
Something that I didn't do really well in this project, was push myself. I didn't try to go beyond what I had done. For example, my presentation is a simple google slideshow with a voice over. When I finished the project, I realized that I had some more time to work on it and improve it, however I didn't. 

3. What have you learned about yourself as a student by partaking in a research project?
Something I learned about myself as a student by partaking in this research project, is that I get really caught up in big summative assessments like these and don't stop to breathe. I kept thinking about the deadlines, which is important, but I ignored my own needs. 
The second thing I learned was that I write and write and write but half of what I initially write is not necessary and invaluable to my claims. 

4. How will you change your approach in the future?
Although I managed my time, I didn't plan what I wanted to do. So based on my research, conclusions and analysis, I could then start to develop a plan of how to best portray this all in a creative, and more fun way. 
Also, I'm going to really think about what is important to answer my question and what is worthy to write down. Each evidence and analysis needs to have a purpose. 
Finally, I'm going to try to have a more relaxed and calm approach to this project. 

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